About Us

EFRE Green Solutions is committed to energy innovation while conserving natural resources. We are reinventing energy now to help stabilize your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint today, and grow the supply of renewable energy sources for the future.

Last few years have seen a lot of energy crises which led to increasing fuel prices significantly, prompting many countries to think about the removal of subsidies on fuel. For Egypt, the crisis was bigger and deeper. Interruption of electricity for large segments of the Republic, and power outages all important and vital places such as: hospitals, factories and schools, in addition to the lack of fuel for cars. These crises showed streets of Egypt in the worst picture in its history since the discovery of fossil energy sources. It became clear to everyone that we are facing a real crisis which need a critical and fast solution to overcome these recurrent crisis .it has become imperative for us to provide an alternative source of energy which able to provide our daily needs of energy and achieve balance between the growing demand for energy and the available quantities. There are Variety of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy and other renewable energy sources. By virtue of our geographic location and the occurrence of Egypt in one of the largest solar radiation areas in the world, solar energy become the most effective alternative source which can participate in resolving energy crisis in Egypt and making Egypt one of the energy-exporting countries.
Based on our deep understanding of the energy problems facing Egypt and based on our national duty, company has developed a clear goal which is represented in participating in spreading the culture of rational use of energy and awareness of the importance of the use of solar energy as a renewable and clean source of energy. Technically the company has developed a set of standards by which the company is committed in order to offer a range of products with high quality and competitive price consolidates the idea of localization of renewable energy technology in the Egyptian market